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The Tish Kitchen was created for a bit of fun, and the chance to share what I’ve learned. Making healthy, delicious choices, I'm always looking for the perfect bite.

I'm losing weight and am building a stronger, healthier body. I've got more to go so my battle is real, and fierce!

You’ll find tales from my life, and I'll introduce you to some interesting people, and products, I think are great. 

Want to know even more? Pull up a seat and grab a cup of coffee. Come in and read about the start of my foodie life, and what gives me the nerve to spill the beans with all of you.


Let’s get some food on the table.


Recipes & Health

Ever decide to lose weight, start and fail? Story of my life...until now. After many attempts, I finally sorted out what works for me. I have more weight to lose, but I’m determined, and I’m taking you with me. This is a journey filled with recipes, anecdotes, past frustrations and current elations.

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People & Products

A person, cause, or company, can really grab your imagination. I need all the inspiration I can get! When I come across such things, I’ll share them with you. I’ve met people too interesting just to keep to myself. I'll also introduce you to some amazing companies, many of which provide special offers and promotions.

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About Me

Want to know more about The Tish Kitchen?

Read all about it here. Keep scrolling down for the start of my foodie life, and how this website was born. 

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