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Tish of The Tish Kitchen

Tish of The Tish Kitchen

I'm a natural. I don't cook with a hat on, or an apron around my waist. I've been creating, testing and writing recipes my whole life.

Menus are my specialty. I’ve worked in catering, given private instruction on cooking basics, and wrote a food column for two years, before starting my own blog. 

Cooking is a creative outlet and watching people dig what's on their plate is exciting! So, aside from my own recipes, I will share meals that I think are worth trying, or that I have tried with honest results.

Let’s Get Cooking!


How I started~

here we go!


Pull up a chair & grab a cup. Once upon a time I made quiche.

About The Tish Kitchen

A friend had started catering on weekends. She was a little stumped on appetizers and I suggested quiche. I made them all the time for brunch, and tiny ones for my cocktail parties. They were quick to make, and the base of the recipe was always the same, whether you chose a sweet or savory filling. I convinced her to add them to her menu and made a variety of them for her, leaving her free to focus on the rest of the party.

They were a hit! My offer of help turned into weekly quiche baking. Word spread, and her clients started reaching out to me directly with their quiche orders, especially around the holidays.

I was in business, accidentally. 

Amongst my non-cooking friends, I became the go-to for advice on what to make for dinner.  My day job, along with my baking side-hustle, didn’t leave me much free time but I wanted to accommodate. I started writing full menus with step-by-step recipes. To minimize my friends panic, and to amuse myself, I kept the instructions light, personal and funny.

I couldn’t keep up with the written instructions, and I realized I could just show them faster, in person. I created “Tish Nights”. I’d give the host a shopping list before I’d come in to teach the requested dish/menu. It was interactive, so everyone had a chance to participate. These evenings were a lot of fun, and took away their anxiety by way of example, cooking tips and shortcuts.

One of my party tricks was asking a person what they had in their refrigerator and then telling them, on the spot, what to have for dinner, how to prepare and serve it.

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Word of mouth is always your best reference and, before long, opportunity knocked. For several years, I wrote a weekly food column for a healthy lifestyle website. It was good discipline, and a true labor of love. 

Meanwhile, I focused on my non-foodie life, which included 21 years in the music industry and being a Trustee to a breast cancer foundation. My only cooking outlet was my personal Facebook page. I was getting complaints from non-foodies that they were tired of scrolling past endless recipes, just to get to my views on Game of Thrones. I can take a hint. I mean, isn’t social media just for political memes, kid photos and cat videos?

I created a Facebook page dedicated to requests, recipes and my personal weight loss journey. Weight loss "journey"? How did you not see that coming?

I’m a woman that didn’t have a weight problem until I was in my mid-twenties. The weight came on rapidly and was difficult to lose. I know so many of us have this battle. I started having health issues related to my weight and decided to take action. I had gastric sleeve surgery and lost 70 pounds, improving my health radically. 

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That was no easy fix but now the basics of living a healthy, active lifestyle along with eating sensibly, result in continued weight loss and stronger health. For the first time, I no longer gain weight by simply having three meals a day. I had to create my new normal, and my recipes reflect that life change. 

I still cook for other people that do not have my health restrictions. Sometimes you’ll see a dish that I do not indulge in personally. Those recipes will be tagged "Off the Rails", for obvious reasons. I do apply a one bite rule on certain occasions, but a leaner life is usually my choice. 

Thanks for reading this long tale. I’m working on my own happily ever after, deliciously. Hope you enjoy the recipes, too.

Hello, Folks! The way to feel truly alive, is to experience new things, and engage. I recently completed a Plant-Based Nutrition course with the T. Colin Camplnbell Center for Nutrition Studies, through Cornell. I'll incorporate this knowledge into my life, and to my recipes. I'm exited to show you what it's all about!