The Chew - Last Episode

The Tish Kitchen | Photo credit: ABC via Google Text: Me | Food Blogger

The Tish Kitchen | Photo credit: ABC via Google Text: Me | Food Blogger

Seven years of silliness, cooking, and amiable snarkiness has ended. Today was the last day of ABC’s The Chew.  The series has been cancelled, and while there are episodes running through August, today was the finale and last live show.

I admit I was late to the party. It had been on for many years without my ever seeing it. Once I started working from home, I had a better shot to view it, but it still wasn’t on my radar. I straight up work when I am home and have a laser-like focus. It took a loved one to turn my head left, or right. 

My stepdaughter was home one day and, as she often does, told me “You have GOT to see this.” Fair warning, I’d also never seen Jersey Shore or The Millionaire Matchmaker and have her to thank for those bizarre viewings. Some things you just can’t unsee.

So, I gave The Chew a chance and laughed out loud on the irreverence. It wasn’t precious. In fact, it was as though they could care less about what you are “supposed” to say. They were real, and the food looked good. I had regard for the skills of the chefs and fell in love with Carla Hall.  How refreshing to have an energetic woman representing regional cooking! There were more hosts back then, but my favorites are the ones that are closing the show today. 

I won’t be the first to say that Michael Symon’s laugh is maniacal, but there is no denying his skill in the kitchen. When he is strictly talking about cooking, in a normal register, there is always something to learn. 

Clinton Kelly. There are angels singing somewhere as I type his name. I can’t imagine sitting through any daytime show without him as the ringleader. He’s crafty (I’m not), charming, loves Broadway talent (as I do), gives instruction on basic grammar (PLEASE look at his Instagram), and is a stylish home cook. Sharp + funny + NYer  =  He owns me. 

This final episode was called “Eat Your Feelings”. Talk about not worrying about what you are supposed to say! The audiences have been bummed and giving standing ovations all week. No one wants this show to go away except ABC. I’m probably part of the problem as I don’t watch regularly (working) but I will miss this show. The hosts chemistry captured a warm moment in time. How is it another network hasn’t snatched up this group? Here’s hoping.