HEALTH: How I Got Started


I’m really not into fads for controlling weight, but I’m not saying I don’t follow every mood/diet swing out there. I can’t help myself. What if this is THE miracle cure, in three easy steps (payments) that will end unsightly belly fat or the jiggle in my wiggle? I mean, how can I not look into things? I’d hate to miss out!

I’ve got the rules for good nutrition memorized. Deep down, don’t we all know, in our heart of hearts that cake, ice cream, fried and processed foods are just the blueprint for poor health? I have whined, “But why do they taste so goooood?”, too many times. 

I’m thirty pounds over my target weight. That’s a full-time job, my friends. I still have a jiggle in my wiggle, but it’s much less than before. I’m proud of the 65 down, but that was yesterday’s achievement, and only 24 of that was from surgery. 

The real truth is the very thing we all know but are not willing, at any cost, to believe. There are no short cuts. 

Can you lose weight rapidly in a week, or a month? Yes. Will you gain it all back as soon as you end that weight loss program. Of course. 

I’ve spent decades looking at every new food fad and exercise program. Name the gym, I’ve joined. Can I see a show of hands (you know what I mean) of all the Weight Watcher, Jenny Craig, Slim Fast, and Nutrisystem former members? Yeah…hi, everybody. 

There are a few things that I know to be real, for me. These are undeniable truths for a leaner life. You can start with these basics to lose that last ten pounds or to make a significant weight change. Everyone knows to check with their doctor first before trying any diet, right? Ready? 

Lay Off Processed Foods

Drink Water

Dump Sugar

Lower Carbs Turned My World Around 


So, this one is easier than you think. Stick to the outside aisles in the supermarket and visit your local farmers market. The abundance of veggies rivals avalanche proportions. You can choose by your favorite color and let me tell you this…you are NOT limited to salad. They’re nice but we all go into salad overkill when wanting to lose weight. It's easy to fall of the health wagon when you get bored. Roast some veggies, the flavors are deeper. BBQ your veggies and use them in a wrap, a side dish or layer them in a baked dish with some yummy sauce (marinara, cheese or citrus). The nutrients in a richer diet will show in your skin!

Speaking of skin, how about giving it a break? Water is the way to soothe those cells. Hydrate from the inside out and fill your belly with something other than jelly donuts. It is the beverage of choice that does so much for your organs, skin, hair and intestines. We don’t have to go there, but it does help you go there. Flush out all those toxins. Feel lighter. BE lighter. 

Oh, sugar, our first true love. How can something so sweet be so bad for you? Why is this such an addiction for so many of us? Because it comes in so many pretty packages! Sweet treats are the hardest part for me. I can pass on cake and pie. I can be happy with a no added sugar frozen treat. A cookie with coffee or tea, is my kryptonite. Don’t get me started on chocolate. Really, don’t.  My weakness is true, and it is what I battle. I win way more than I lose. I wish I could quit you, Chocolate. Moderation in this case has to be forced in an extreme manner. I can have a square of chocolate but don’t leave the bar in my house! I’m only human.

I was diagnosed with type two Diabetes about six years ago. I was devastated. I don’t know why I was shocked. Looking at my height, weight and lust for chocolate, I had a mark on my forehead. My Dad had it later in his life, too. I aggressively changed the food in my life, so I could stand down from the drugs. I hate medication. I was the poster child for whole grains. in moderation. White bread? Who’s that? I was/am the Queen of Unsweetened Iced Tea. I measured my pasta and indulged in bun-less burgers and gazed sadly towards rice pilaf, remembering when we had been so much closer. It made a big difference in my life, and I could feel the change in my energy. 


These areas were the culprits in my war on weight. They were my ground zero and where I kept coming back to, when getting my health together. Now, I don’t have to revisit these things. I walk the walk and have committed to rare indulgences in sweet treats. I make a mean chocolate biscotti, and every so often it’s next to my coffee cup. There are no cakes, cookies, chips or general junk food in my house. I drink water before I drink anything, ever. I love my coffee and tea but don’t add sugar. I admit I love flavored coffee creamer but there are options for fewer calories there, and you can actually have the proper serving size. Big difference! 

I know how to be perfect but I’m not. I am more mindful of lean protein and love choosing from my wide variety of veggies. I stick to the basics and play around with spices, flavorings and different food combinations. I keep moving towards success even if the occasional biscotti gets in my way.

One Perfect Bite, for me, is the rare time I cannot deny myself. If I do give into the urge for something that isn’t the best for me, then it's One Perfect Bite and I’m done. I savor everything in my life now, the ordinary and the illicit. I’m still losing weight and not throwing in the towel. If I can do this, I bet you can, too.