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Banana Bread To Go | The Tish Kitchen | Food & Lifestyle Blogger

Banana Bread To Go | The Tish Kitchen | Food & Lifestyle Blogger


Delicious Banana Bread! (DETAILS BELOW)

I’m a sucker for entrepreneurs and small business owners. A particular steel in your spine is needed to start a business you believe in, and make it profitable. There is always hard work, and the owner has to double down on commitment, patience, skill and savvy to be successful. Yinka, Founder and Owner of Banana Bread To Go, is one of those people. 

Yinka of Banana Bread To Go | The Tish Kitchen

Yinka of Banana Bread To Go | The Tish Kitchen

Yinka is so much more than a business owner and is what many of us are – a multi-tasking marvels. She shepherds her family through daily life (three children and one of them is barely past toddling), found time to take a very difficult project management course (she is certified!), and is beloved in her community (our conversation was stopped several times by passing neighbors saying hello). Not only does she have a business and busy family life, but she’s a runner,  getting up when it’s barely light to get her miles run.

I discovered her the way many of her clients did, word of mouth. Rather, someone’s mouth tried her banana bread and couldn’t wait to tell me. I looker her up on Instagram and followed her until I couldn’t resist the urge to try her beautiful breads. Worth. The. Wait. 

One of the first things you see when you visit the website is the phrase “Pure Ingredients Always”. Believe it!

When I spoke with Yinka, she told me about the baking process and about some of the places she sources her ingredients. What Yinka does for the bananas alone, explains the lengths she will go to for the best ingredients. She lives the clean, whole foods life so you can be sure there are no artificial additives or flavorings. 

I was excited to get my banana bread sampler, and it was so pretty! Carefully wrapped for freshness, it also had ribbons. I loved the colors and curls of the packaging. We do eat with our eyes first, and I was delighted just opening the box. By the way, the Dark Choco is my favorite but anyone would be happy with a No Bother Plain Loaf. The Double Nut Delight with freshly toasted nuts…my word! There is even a Gluten Free version available.

The big charm of Banana Bread To Go are their recipes! Secret Family Recipes are just golden to me, and with each slice you are let into a private experience. . Each morsel makes you feel like you’re in a special club, no handshake or password required. I’ll never know what makes it so amazingly delicious, but once you taste these loaves, your wondering disappears. I’ll gladly leave it to the master baker, Yinka.

For folks local to Long Island, you can order by phone, or online, and pick up your loaves. The rest of us can order online. 


Winning a sampler package of Banana Bread To Go is delicious, FREE and easy. 

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That’s it. No purchase necessary. Your friends can also enter to win by following the same rules. The winner’s name will be selected randomly on Friday, August 17th.  Thanks and good luck!

Banana Bread To Go | The Tish Kitchen | Food & Lifestyle Blogger

Banana Bread To Go | The Tish Kitchen | Food & Lifestyle Blogger