Grateful Burger - The Perfect Blended Burger


Congratulations to the winner of The Tish Kitchen & Grateful Burger Giveaway - Elissa Maxwell (and Friend).

Winner Elissa Maxwell of Grateful Burger Giveaway | The Tish Kitchen

Winner Elissa Maxwell of Grateful Burger Giveaway | The Tish Kitchen

I’d like to introduce you to Grateful Burger. They’re a family owned company out of Beverly, MA and they make the best blended burgers I’ve ever tasted.

Blended burger? That’s a combination of the traditional ground meat you are familiar with, and vegetables. The blend can be 50/50, or slightly less, but the results are tremendous and simply delicious.

When you eat a blended burger, you are losing a lot of things you had before. That is not a bad thing! The health benefits are pretty terrific, and a blended burger might be the very thing to compliment your diet plan.

Aside from their innovative recipes, quality ingredients and their environmentally conscious viewpoint, Grateful Burger is tasty and offers the following:

Lower Fats, Calories, Cholesterol & Sodium.

· Gluten Free

· Soy Free

· Environmentally Friendly: Grateful Burgers conserve 250 gallons of water.

· All Natural, No Fillers, No Added Hormones, Allergen Free

As a writer for hire, a lot of things come across my desk. I was given Grateful Burger to look over as a possible feature on a monthly blog I wrote. I was intrigued but had a few questions and decided to call the company. Expecting someone in public relations to answer my questions, I was astonished to end up speaking directly with the owner, Chris Nessen.

Chris is an awesome, accomplished food professional. His 30 years of experience include work in fine hotels, national restaurant corporations and his own successful gourmet food companies. Grateful Burger was established with the benefit of all that wisdom. They may be a small company now, but not for long. You’ve got to meet Chris. Check this out:

These tasty burgers are on the menu at Harvard University, UCONN, Dartmouth, Tufts University and many more. Grateful Burger sells their products throughout New England and distributes nationally on QVC.

Here’s what you need to know:

On the grill outside, or in your grill pan in the kitchen, the flavor of these burgers will make you think of summer BBQs. They are moist, tasty and your meat eaters won’t guess that these are a blend as no flavor is sacrificed, only enhanced.

As a person that loves veggie burgers, I have to say that the Chicken & Kale and Beef with Portobello Mushroom taste NOTHING like a veggie burger. The meat is undeniable and what you’d expect, but there is a depth of flavor and a lightness that regular burgers never have. They are moist and never greasy.

These are worth a try. I made them myself and cooked them in several different ways. It’s not rocket science, and isn’t that why we all love burgers? We all have our favorite but I was inspired to try something new. Follow the links below to view each recipe.

What’s great about these is that they are frozen, last for a year in your freezer, and ready for me whenever I want to have a burger night or, a taste of summer. I can cook these in minutes and used my air fryer for sweet potato fries for an indulgent, yummy dinner.

Now you can’t fake delicious, and my writing about these burgers is no match for the enthusiasm of In the Kitchen with David on QVC. Take a peek at this segment of one of Grateful Burgers’ appearances. I was sold, and I hope you will be, too.