Asian Dipping Sauce

Asian Dipping Sauce - Rice Noodles with Shrimp & Vegetables | The Tish Kitchen

Asian Dipping Sauce - Rice Noodles with Shrimp & Vegetables | The Tish Kitchen

Here are a few facts about this dipping sauce:

  • This is a simple, delicious recipe.

  • A child could make it.

  • It’s so versatile that you can use it to dip Summer rolls, put over Noodles, or use as a Salad Dressing.

  • A friend of mine loves my Asian Dipping Sauce SO much. How much? I brought her lunch one day, and she was embarrassed that her coworkers would witness her drinking the leftover sauce. No one should do without, so I made an extra container that she can take home, and guzzle in privacy. What are friends for?

  • Just showing a picture of this sauce gathered over 700 notes of interest from my social media followers…in the first hour.

  • It is the one thing you can find in my refrigerator at any time. Not ketchup. Not mustard. This stuff!

  • It is the perfect balance of Salty/Sweet/Sour and leaves a delicious coating on the tongue

Don’t like spicy? Use half the Chili Sauce. Prefer a sweeter sauce? Add a bit more Maple Syrup (yes, you read that right). I promise you that this will be one of the most popular condiments in your home.

What follows is the ratio of ingredients you need to dress several salads, coat a big bowl of noodles, and gives four to six people enough sauce to dip Summer or Spring Rolls.

All you need is a small bowl, a whisk or fork, and some measuring spoons. Once you customize this to your taste, you can eyeball it, as I do.


1 teaspoon of fresh, minced Ginger (store, pre-chopped Ginger works great!)

½ teaspoon minced Garlic

1 teaspoon Asian Chili Sauce

½ cup of Soy Sauce

2 tablespoons Maple Syrup (not pancake syrup) or Honey, a good substitute

2 tablespoons Toasted Sesame Oil

3 Limes, juiced

1 teaspoon Peanut Butter (or 1 tablespoon of bottled Thai Peanut Sauce)

2 tablespoons Toasted Sesame Seeds

3 chopped Scallions (Green Onions)


A little of this, and a little of that, goes into your bowl.

Mix until combined.

I like to chill it for an hour or so, but it is ready to use once it has been combined until smooth.