Sweet & Gold Potato Gratin

Sweet & Gold Potato Gratin | The Tish Kitchen | Food & Lifestyle Blogger

Sweet & Gold Potato Gratin | The Tish Kitchen | Food & Lifestyle Blogger

This is rich, colorful, velvety and so satisfying. There are calories here, to be sure, but if you watch your portion size, the taste won’t let you down. I mean, you have to have a little of everything, right?


  • 3 peeled, Yukon Gold Potatoes

  • 3 peeled, Sweet Potatoes

  • 3 tablespoons Butter

  • 2 tablespoons Flour

  • 1 cup of Half and Half

  • 1 cup of Milk

  • 2 cups of Gruyere Cheese, shredded

  • ½ teaspoon Nutmeg, or to taste

  • ½ teaspoon Paprika

  • Salt and White Pepper (I use Black Pepper, just as often)


  1. Slice the Yukon and Sweet Potatoes into even slices. You can use a mandolin to keep the slices exactly the same but if you’re steady with a knife, go for it. There are always some pieces that are smaller than others, and you better know I add them into the dish along the sides. For the display though, and even cooking time, it’s nice to have similar sized slices across the entire top of the dish.

  2. Use some Cooking Spray in your baking dish, before adding both kinds of potatoes. “Shingle” them by laying the Yukon then the Sweet Potato, alternately. The contrast of the colors is really pretty.

  3. Make the sauce by melting the butter in a saucepan, over low heat. Add the flour and whisk until combined. Keep whisking for a full minute so the mixture doesn’t burn. You need the minutes to cook out the “flour” taste.

  4. Add the Half and Half and the Milk. Whisk to combine, and add the Nutmeg, Paprika, Salt and Pepper.

  5. Add the Gruyere Cheese, stirring constantly until melted. Turn off the heat.

  6. Take half the Gruyere Cheese Sauce, and spread it in an even layer over the potatoes, and then place another layer of Potatoes on top. Pour the remaining Gruyere Cheese Sauce over the entire thing.

  7. Cover with foil and place in a 350-degree oven and bake for 45 minutes. Remove the foil and pierce the potato with a knife to test for doneness.

  8. Place the dish back in the oven for 15 minutes to lightly brown the top of the dish. The cheese/sauce will be bubbling.

It can be served immediately, depending on how hot you like your food. It is delicious at room temperature, too.