Tish Delish Nice Cream

Tish Delish Nice Cream | The Tish Kitchen | Food & Lifestyle Blogger

Tish Delish Nice Cream | The Tish Kitchen | Food & Lifestyle Blogger

I admit it, I have a soft spot for ice cream. I could eat bowls of it and feel as though I hadn’t had any yet. You know how some people can knock off a pizza all by themselves? Or, scarf down a bag of chips? That’s me – just with ice cream.

You can’t rest on your past successes, so I’m working losing my next 25 pounds. I really am buckling down more than ever, but that doesn’t mean I am giving up my reason for summer living (okay, that was a bit dramatic). 

I can’t eat that stuff! The dairy fat content! The sugar! 

I spent the better part of last week working in my test kitchen. I tried out some basic "nice" creams, and then got to work bumping up flavors. I think you’re going to like these. 

No cream was used in the making of these Frozen Treats. Hello, Vegans…I’m talking to you. 

Oh, there is the natural sugar in the bananas, but little sugar was added with the exception of one recipe, for a very specific favor. Plenty of others, below, don't have any added sugar. 

I can see many of you covering your ears and chanting in a singsong, “La la la la…”. Don’t be afraid, all the ingredients are things you recognize, and probably already have at home. No additives, no fake stuff. No cream? Nope, so I can’t legit call this ice cream. Try it, taste it and you will forgive me. 

I will say that if you have a powerful blender, or food processor, this recipe will go a lot faster. 

Obviously, please don’t eat or serve nuts to those that have allergies. If you don’t like seeds, don’t add them. These treats can be customized to whatever you prefer and is so fast and fun that kids will delight in helping. 

Ingredients? Bananas sliced into chunks.

Freeze them. 

It’s that simple.  Any four average sized bananas will be the base for your frozen treat of the day. Not crazy about bananas? No big deal. Once you start adding other fruit and flavorings, you barely taste it. 

I tried out the three basic, childhood flavors – vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. How you dress them up, is the fun!

Strawberry Swirl 

·      4 frozen bananas sliced into chunks and frozen

·      5-6 frozen strawberries

·      Hand stir 2 tablespoons low sugar Strawberry Preserves 

Chocolate Peanut Butter

·      4 frozen bananas sliced into chunks and frozen

·      2 tablespoons peanut butter

·      2 tablespoons cocoa

Simply Vanilla 

·       4 frozen bananas sliced into chunks and frozen

·      2 teaspoons of vanilla extract


1.    Blend in a food processor, or quality blender such as a Vita Mix,  until smooth. If the mixture is too thick or you have difficulty blending, then add a few tablespoons of nut milk or water (or fresh fruit juice). If you feel the mixture is too loose, you can throw in a few ice cubes. Place the mixture in a freezer safe container with a lid that seals securely. No one likes freezer burn!

Serving Suggestions

Tish Delish Nice Cream | The Tish Kitchen

Tish Delish Nice Cream | The Tish Kitchen

Banana Walnut Maple Crunch - Add Chopped Walnuts with a 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon, and a tablespoon of maple syrup.  

Apple Pie a La Mode - Add cinnamon, nutmeg with cooked apple (dice your favorite apple and sauté in a skillet until softened, with a teaspoon of vanilla and a ½ teaspoon of brown sugar.

Caramelized Banana Pecan  - Dice your bananas, then sprinkle a tablespoon of sugar over them to caramelize them in a skillet. Allow to cool and then freeze before blending. Stir in chopped Pecans after blending.

Strawberry Poppy Seed - Just add a handful (six or seven hulled, cleaned strawberries with the bananas as you blend them. If you prefer, you can stir in sliced, frozen strawberries for a chunkier bite. 

Millennial Matcha Banana Just add a tablespoon of Matcha powder into the frozen bananas and blend.

You Know You Shouldn’t Be Doing This Choco-Coco - Stir in dark chocolate morsels with toasted coconut flakes with a teaspoon of rum. You can use real rum or rum flavoring. Either one works but one smells so much better.